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the game is hard haha

but keep going, I want to see more from my arabian brother.

jeu chbab bazaf 

partage ton jeux dans les pager des developpeur de jeux algerien ila brite khouya madabina nat3arfou 3lik partager le ici :

ou ici : ou

ici :

je suis developpeur comme vous matcharfine khouya je suis de mostaganem 

voila mes 

et je veux vous présenter mes jeux test les et donne moi vos remarques et partager les svp avec vos amis 

My video on the game.


It was ok.

لعبة شابة خويا

خوذ دعم مادي

شكرا جزيراً اخي كريم

افضل لعب لعبة لعبتها

كملها  رائع

👾 اتمنا انك تكملها ولله اللعبة جامدة استمر يابطل

ممكن ادخل كمطور معاكم احتاج شهر 12 لئن راح اغير البيسي حقي حندي خبره برمجه اشغلت في استوديو  غير مشهور اسمه swelcomgame

تواصل مع صفحة لعبة علي فايسبوك

The dark fate

تواصل مع صفحة لعبة علي الفايسبوك


Game must go oooooooon!!! #giveFULL

gg bro keep working


Dark Fate

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nice game :3

thank you

good game ...i'm waiting full game 😍


That was fun as fuck! Check out my video? Your game starts at 5:00.

Which engine did you use to develop this in? Just curious. Thanks!

unity 3d

Awesome FPS the music bring me back to old school DOOM! Keep up the great work ill be looking forward to the full game.

This is a fun start to a game! I really like the style choice! Keep it up and I cant wait to see a full version!

This was really good! I was actually sad that it ended! Everything feels very smooth and controls are tight. Can't wait to see more! 


this game made me rage but it was great .


Well that took a turn after a couple moments! A fun shooter with some strange and delightful creature designs that does need some polish, but is nonetheless fun to play .Definitely like the 2D enemies on a simplified 3D background aesthetic it has going!

really really good game and already looking foward to the full version! well done! 

I honestly and genuinely LOVE this game. I absolutely adore the art style of the game, I really like the concept of the game and the soundtrack is just absolutely amazing! I'm really excited to see a full game of this, especially because I got really excited for the boss fight right when the game ended and it left me in complete sadness, so I'm really excited for a full release! 

This was really cool. This is a weird take but I like how the soundtrack sounds like organ imitating guitar.  That sound is great to me

fun demo i enjoyed it.

What a cool  guitar Riff Hell Yeah 🤘

Art sytle is very cool. the movement and aiming though feel a little too smooth for me.

Thanks for putting the english language!

Nice game as hell!!

Looks like it might be worth giving it a play.

Nice game, the boss fight was disappointing xD

Fun lil demo. I enjoyed it 

this game is really cool

This was such a fun demo. I can’t wait for the full game. One the music kicked in I was launched into a memory of playing the OG Doom! Could you make it possible to switch weapons with the number pad?  Also, I would love feed back on my video. It would mean a lot to me. 

The Dark Fate / Eyeballs everywhere!!!

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thank you

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